Frank Sinatra in Outer Space

We recently discovered a podcast on Spotify that covers the works of one of Frank Sinatra's lost or forgotten albums "Trilogy". What made this album famous was his cover of "New York, New York". The podcast series "You Must Remember This" by Karina Longworth goes into detail about the making of and it's fall from grace. Read the description of the podcast below and listen for yourself. We highly recommend it. At one point you will hear Frank sing about his trip to each planet in the solar system. Yeah, it's that weird. 


Welcome to the second episode of You Must Remember This, the podcast devoted to exploring the secret and or/forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century. Today, we look back to 1979, when — while the music world was full of punk and post-disco coke rock, and the movie world was making the transition from the “New Hollywood” of the ’70s into the blockbuster age — Frank Sinatra recorded Trilogy: Past, Present and Future, a triple album with one disc each devoted to big band standards (“The Past”); covers from “the rock era” including Billy Joel and Beatles songs and also “Theme from New York, New York” (“The Present”); and, most amazingly, a 40 minute song cycle about life, love, death and visiting outer space (“The Future”). We’ll take a look at how and why “The Future” was made, and theorize as to why it’s fallen into the dustbin of pop cultural history.

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