Terms of Service

1. Product Policies; Use of Merchant Center Account

Your use of Merchant Center is subject to our product policies at http://www.google.com/merchants/policies.html. You are responsible for all activity relating to your Merchant Center account, including any use of your account password and any content submitted to Merchant Center through your account.

2. Submitting Content; Google’s Access of URLs That You Submit; Optional Features

You may submit content to Merchant Center using various means, including through Google APIs. You agree to submit content in a manner that complies with any instructions or specifications provided by Google. You may not provide any data in a manner that violates applicable law or any applicable privacy policies. Except with Google’s prior written permission, you may not (and will not assist or knowingly permit any third party to) pass information to Google that could be used or recognized as personally identifiable information.

If the content you submit contains URLs or similar content, you grant Google the right to access, index, cache or crawl the URL(s) and the content available through such URL(s), or any portion thereof. For example, Google may utilize an automated software program to retrieve and analyze the websites associated with such URL(s).

There may be certain features of Merchant Center that are optional. If you choose to use such features, then you may be required to agree to separate terms that are specific to those features. For example, if you use Merchant Center in connection with Google advertising products, then you also agree to any terms applicable to those advertising products.

3. Third-Party Content

If you operate a service that enables third parties to provide content to Merchant Center, your service must clearly and conspicuously disclose to such third parties that their content will be provided to Google and may be made available to the general public. Also, if your application or site enables third parties to provide content to Merchant Center, it must use one of the user authentication methods set forth in the documentation made available by Google specifically for such purpose.

4. Your Trademarks

By using Merchant Center, you authorize Google to use any trademarks, service marks, trade names, proprietary logos, domain names and any other source or business identifiers in connection with Google's authorized use of the content that you submit through Merchant Center.